Challenge Course: 


 Welcome to the 5 Critical Skills Challenge!



is best found in PLS's "Cash Now Funnel"
(Step 6 below) and inside the New Ace & Rich "Fire Your Boss" funnel (Step 11 below). Duplication is important 
as it allows you to do something EVERYBODY can do.

It also creates leverage and the start of some success
for you and then you can pass this on to
 your team under you (and then they can in turn 
"pass the baton" on to their team). I'm sure you can
see how this creates huge power for you!

The important takeaway is to NOT overwhelm
your team
with things you may learn here in 
The Challenge. Give them the basics and then
lead them here ONLY when they're really ready.

However, once you have figured out the basics, 
then it's time to grow in your skills as a leader
and increase your income, and understand how to consistently get sales. Wouldn't you agree with me?

The important thing to understand is that learning skills
is NOT as easily duplicated
. Nor is leadership. Only a 
few who are passionate enough to change their lives will 
venture down this road! 

So I congratulate you on this step in learning 
real marketing and leadership skills and 
going the next step to consistent earnings and 
success online! 




We're so excited you've joined us and taken this challenge!
Honestly, it's people like you who are the "doers" and
"shakers" that make things happen.

To be open with you, training is important 
but so are the right tools to create the success you need. 

Without the right tools, a master carpenter cannot succeed in building
a beautiful table, no matter how great his knowledge. 

This video promotes The Power Lead System
(our main program) because we can teach every skill from it 
without you needing to buy separate tools to succeed online such as an autoresponder,
separate tracker, separate capture page maker, 
and endless videos on
getting traffic and funnel building.

I want you to understand from the beginning that we have made this training to
help you and we are not officially representing the Power Lead System.*

This next short video will explain the differences between "LUCK" and "SKILL" online
and what you will need to learn to turn the corner

Step 1.

How to choose a great affiliate product to build your list with.

Skill 3: Effective List Building)

Let's start with finding a good affiliate offer. As you may be aware, over five years
I tried over forty different affiliate businesses and gave a lot of time to learn everything
I could about them. I didn't have much success with ANY of them (even the good ones) and
this is because I didn't understand the 5 Critical Skills. So we want you to start with a good 
affiliate business
but understand that this in itself will not be enough to give you success. It's 
just a place to start. The most important thing to understand is that 
PLS helps you to build your MAIN ONLINE ASSET (your list)!

Once you have a list, you can promote ANYTHING you want to 
your list. Does this make sense? And understanding that most 
of your sales will come from your list (not your ad page)
crucial in making the right decision to BUILD your list! 


The main ingredient for your online business is PRIMARILY to build your list
but also to have a strong, main business that works and that you eventually
get PAID from! It should be something you are proud to show others!

It also should be a business that doesn’t gouge your new members
(who need to be treated carefully and respectfully – as you should be working toward helping them personally).
Along with this, if the business allows you to earn residual income – that will be very important for you down the line.

I would also choose a main business for its teachability and for it to help your new members
go from novice to master. You might want a business that is free to join initially (to encourage signups and trust)
but does have a front-end membership fee and does have a way of making a lot of money on the back end.

However, after picking a main business, realize that you are going to need more than one business
or offer for diversification. This is so that all your financial eggs are not in one basket.
In doing this be careful you don’t get sidetracked from your main goal!

Don’t lose your focus on learning the 5 Critical Skills. Why?
Because if you learn these skills, you can build your list and 
earn from almost ANY affiliate program.

Our Recommendation: 


If you haven't already joined PLS,
You can join PLS under Albie

(Or see your team leaders' link in
the Downline Builder here:)


Don’t forget to find your team leader's name and click on it to go to their page!


Step 2.

Setting up your PLS system so you can earn the highest returns. Watch the video 
so you understand how powerful the Power Lead System really is: 

Okay, now take a few minutes and set up your PLS system so you can earn the highest 
returns from it after you get started advertising. Do understand that if you get a new member 
and they upgrade under you but you're not upgraded yourself, the upgrade payout will go to whoever
is upgraded above you (your sponsor or higher). 
You definitely don't want to miss out on this!

Also understand that you can earn more from selling one high-ticket item than from many small sales!


To begin in PLS go first to my company admin dot com ( ). 

Then you will see information about joining the "FAST START TRAINING". 
I would encourage you to set a date and go to the online training. You will 
be very glad you did! Top income earners host this training and you will
learn valuable information!

 One of the most 
important things you can do is to join what is called
"Lead Generation Academy". Consider 
this next question: 

Do you want to get mentoring from the top leaders in PLS each month? 

If you said "yes", then you need to join this. It will allow you to get training every month
from the TOP EARNERS in PLS 
to ask your questions and get feedback as well as go through 
the previous training whenever you want and learn everything each of the top leaders wants to teach you! 

Make sense? 

So if you don't see the ad about it at the start, then go here to watch the video and start. Of 
course this step is optional but highly recommended

This will bring you to the main home page of PLS.
It will look similar to this depending on what
area you upgrade in. If you UPGRADE it will be GREEN.
If you haven't upgraded it will be RED. 

Alright, so when you're done, come back and begin at Step 4. See you soon. 

Step 4.

How to set up your domain with PLS. First of all PLS is different from most
other businesses because you will be branding yourself with your very own domain
instead of an "affiliate link" connected with the parent company. This will allow 
you a lot of freedom from having to deal with problems caused and saved as "cookies" by
other affiliates - especially by those who use their affiliate link incorrectly
and cause negative repercussions. 

So you definitely want to set up your domain as this will allow you to have unlimited
and sites to use for ads, funnels, and for whatever you wish. Do not 
use the "loaner" site as this will create a lot of problems for you. For instance, if you use the
"loaner site", you will only get access to it for one month, and any capture page or funnel 
you set up, you will have to recreate and set up all over again once you actually set up
your domain for real. So it makes sense to just do the work once and not have to go and do it twice. 

To start setting up your domain, just click the second button

on the left-hand side of the Home Page. 

Just follow the simple directions to set up the domain. It's very simple and 
the site will be available even sooner than you imagine
. Even though you may
have to wait after you set up your domain for everything to be completed for
your new domain, PLS will usually set you up so that you can still use the site
until that happens. So just keep moving forward and you shouldn't 
have to take a break from the Challenge because of this (unless you want to lol). 


Step 5.

How to use a "pre-made affiliate capture page" video
(Skill 2: Effective Capture Page Making)

The beginning of your funnel: Catching someone's attention 
through advertising and getting subscribers.

 Okay, to start understanding funnels, think of a funnel as a ladder
and each rung of the ladder is a positionplace, or thing they need to
have or complete in order to get to the top.

Let's start the "first step of the 
ladder" by sharing with you the capture page. This is the first advertisement that
has a headline "hook" that attempts to capture their interest. This is where they decide to opt in 
or subscribe and find out more. Usually, this page has something worth a lot of 
value to them so they are willing to give up their name and email address to obtain it. So
this will be our focus on this challenge to get your first ad in motion. 

This is your "affiliate link" inside PLS. However, as you know already,
you have gone a step above having an "affiliate" link. You now have your own domain and
this is better than any "affiliate link".

This link is found by going to the Green "Easy" button.

 This page comes up first by default.

with other affiliate programs, your affiliate 

link can be found under the "Affiliate area", "Promotional" tab, or something similar. With 
PLS, it is found by going to the Easy Button. 

After clicking the "Easy Button" watch the short video
how to set up your affiliate link. Then when clicking the Free Lead System Link 
and entering your subdomain and the green "Create" button, you will find 
your affiliate link in blue (see picture for example). 

Once you find your "affiliate link", this is what you can use as a beginner to start
promoting and advertising. Don't forget to set up your Lead Lightning link, your Free Lead System link
, and your Power Lead System link. This will give you three links to promote and advertise.

By the way, an "affiliate link" usually has a specific number at the end designated to
represent YOU. This is NOT the case however with PLS as with PLS you actually create your own special domain.
When you use this link or a typical affiliate link and someone clicks on it, they will sign up under
you and you will earn from them if they upgrade. In PLS, when they click on your domain or subdomain link they will
be able to join under you. For example, when you (or they) click on the

Free Lead System (FLS) link, gives your affiliate ad capture page that looks like this:

Now watch this video below to give you clarification on the strategy we're using.
(This video can also be seen inside the PLS Training area).

Just so you're starting on the right foot before you watch this video,
there are three parts to PLS. Here is a very brief summary:

The first entry point of PLS is called "The Free Lead System" or 
FLS. This basically allows you to get free leads (however you pass up 50% 
of them to your sponsor who is upgraded to the next level up.*
The next level is Lead Lightning and you get 100% of your own leads
and earn 50% of leads from anyone who joins and gets leads "under you".
You also earn $6 from everyone who buys Lead Lightning from your
affiliate link and pays the one-time fee of $7 for Lead Lightning.*

The next level up is the Power Lead System or PLS. This is the level you
are on now and have access to all the tools PLS offers as well.
If you're paying $30 a
month, then you are considered a "customer" and again can use ALL the tools PLS offers
(and these are a lot more than Lead Lightning by itself). You are limited
a little bit however and can earn $6 from Lead Lightning sales only (even though 
you're at a higher level than Lead Lightning). You are also able to go through this training 
and learn from almost everything we're teaching you here but you
will have more advantages as a gold member
and even more as a Lead Generation Academy upgrade.

If you are paying $20 more each month (about $53 each month)
then you're a gold member then you earn $20 per person who joins under your affiliate 
link*. You also earn 50% overrides from your team sales. In addition, you will earn
from high ticket items if you upgrade to the one-time-only payments.

In addition, you will also be able to potentially earn $90 monthly
residuals if you're upgraded to Lead Generation Academy.

The video below talks mostly about the FLS system and Lead Lightning but 
is the basic strategy to get new people in the third level (PLS) also. It's really
an awesome video, so don't skip it! You'll be glad you saw it!

 *See the PLS compensation plan for specific details.

Step 6.

Now let's talk about a NEW feature in PLS. It's called the 
CASH NOW FUNNEL (CNF). It's promoted by millionaire
Frank Calabro Jr. and created by Neil Guess and the Power Lead System. 

Basically, it's ONLY $1 dollar to join and this has an
psychology to it. When people actually spend money 
to get something, this makes this program more
VALUABLE and is even more powerful then
getting something for free!

This program has a magnetic effect that I will explain 
to you in just a bit. Because the scope of this training is 
EASY to understand, it's still  EXTENSIVE also,

so we're going to have to send you to a special 
training especially for this funnel. 

Follow these directions carefully and come
back HERE when you're done! 

Follow the prompts for a team member who has already joined the program! 
Do NOT pay the $1 again. You have everything you need already
to access every inch of this program!

When you're done with Steps 1 - 3,
(don't forget to join the PLS Facebook group). then come back here.

Go HERE to get started

Step 7.

Which link should I start advertising (FLS, LL or PLS or CNF)?
Good question!

Let me explain something real quick. Everybody wants something free. Everybody.
Why? Because they don't know if they can trust you. So giving them something free 
allows them to test you out and see if they like what you're offering

Well, the Free Lead System (FLS) is...what? Yes, exactly...FREE. 

So that's a good place to start. But let me share a couple more things.
Lead Lightning is a small enough price with enough value that many will
take the risk to try it out ($7). And PLS has a free 7-day period,
so this is also an element of free. 

Some more points to consider:
The Free Lead System ad page will potentially lead to a Lead Lightning Sale and if 
a sale is made in LL then this can lead to a PLS sale ($30 PLS customer).

The Lead Lightning ad page will lead more quickly to a Lead Lightning Sale
and potentially a PLS sale.

The PLS ad page will lead faster to a higher PLS sale and potentially the upgrades to 
the Lead Generation Academy and the one-time high ticket items sales too. 

So which one is the right one to use? 

Honestly, the CASH NOW FUNNEL has been the most effective
for us because it gets them started at a small price anyone can afford
and locks them into the system, giving them a super duplicatable system
to use and moves  them immediately to the GOLD membership (which earns 
YOU and them a lot more!). 

However, I would suggest testing them out and seeing your results. 


Honestly, it doesn't matter what page you use 

Did I say "as long as you get sales" or did I say
"as long as you get subscribers"? 


There is a difference. Here's a quote I often 
share from my mentor Alan: 

"The marketing DOESN'T BEGIN UNTIL you get them on your list." 

That can also be interpreted to mean "sales don't begin until AFTER 
they are on your list." 

Understand where I'm going with this? 

So, here's the bottom line: Get them on your list. Use whatever 
ad page you want but get them on your list (Of course I'm not 
recommending using something deceptive to get what you want). 

What I am saying is that it doesn't matter if you use the FLS page 
or the LL, the PLS ad page or the CNF page. And in Challenges 3 through 4,
we will be talking about using the capture page maker in PLS to make 
easy ad pages that you can also use. And this is the point. To create a 
page that will bring in subscribers
. Because this is the key: to get them 
on your list (Critical Skill #3), so you can communicate with them
and create trust and then potentially a sale.


Because not very many people
will just jump and buy on your sales
page after they put their name
and email address on the opt-in page. Did you catch that? Read 
that again!


So what do we want? Yes, right...we want Subscribers. 

Ok, let's move on...


Step 8.

Video on choosing a good autoresponder
Skill 3: Effective List Building)

Okay, so the links to find out more about various autoresponders are down below.
But if you're in PLS you can skip this. 

We obviously showed you this video so you would understand why we suggest
using the Power Lead System
as your main autoresponder so that 
you will understand how important building your list is. 

But if you're curious, you may see the other
autoresponders by clicking below.

You can go to see the autoresponders here

Step 9.

How to know if your advertising is effective.
(Skill 1: Effective Advertising)

Now we will teach you how to begin to track your affiliate links so 
you will know how many "hits" you're getting each day, week, or month. 
This will help you to know the basics of how effective your advertising is. 

You can start to learn this by watching this video: 

Step 10.

How to get your advertising strategy started
Skill 1: Effective Advertising)

Can you ONLY afford FREE advertising?
If so, then you will see information about that below.

In the Cash Now Funnel (Step 3), Frank shares with you
the easiest form of advertising (using solo ads in UDIMI) .
However, these are paid ads. This kind of advertising requires the
least amount of skill. In fact, no skill is required at all to learn how to do this! 

 Please understand that using free and paid SAFELIST advertising 
(which we will be teaching you next, requires learning a skill if you
want to have success with it).

Literally, thousands of people a day use safelist advertising and fail.

It's because they think it's easy. 

They think: "just advertise your affiliate 
link and you'll get sales!"
 WRONG. You may get one 
If you're really lucky, but most people don't get any sales. That's 
why it's so important you follow through with Challenges 1-4 so 
that you can learn these skills and succeed!


Begin Your Advertising Journey

"On the Right Foot"


How to join and begin advertising video
(Skill 1: Effective Advertising)

Here is additional information about joining your first Safelist
advertising site. You can see it here .

Get TONS of Free Promo Codes,
Traffic & Unlimited 
Free Leads at the Traffic Club! 

(this feature is temporarily disabled but will be back soon). 


 Password: AE67

Step 11.

PLS's New Ace & Rich "Fire Your Boss" Funnel
Skill 5: Effective Funnel Building)

It's VERY important to understand some new changes in PLS.
Ace and Rich (One of PLS's highest-income earners) have created 
a funnel called "Fire your Boss" with the help of Neil Guess
(PLS's founder alongside Michael Price).

This funnel all begins by logging into PLS. Then
when you're on the main home page, look for 
the "CLICK THE EASY BUTTON". When you've 
found it, then go down to "Funnel 3: Fire Your Boss".
Simply set up this link using the simple instructions given. 
You can also see Step 5 again for instructions on this. 

Once you have this simple lead capture page set up, 
you will be empowered to share a very effective 
ad page with others. My suggestion is to use it 
sparingly with safelists, however. If you want to 
succeed in getting subscribers in safelists, you need 
to promote traffic (not a business opportunity). 

But if you plan on sharing this link with friends and 
family, or those you know on social media, or on 
solo ads with Udimi (or others), then this is a great link
to use. Why?

The reason is that it shares a simple success story with 
others and stories have a great way of converting others 
into customers. This page is also very cleverly set up 
so that people watch it before they are given access to join. 
It's also just over 15 mins and something you can get 
someone to watch who doesn't have a lot of time. 

For instance: "I see you're really interested in making 
extra income online, so do you have 15 mins to 
take a look at something that could really help you.

If they say "yes" then great. If not, then see if they have
15 mins tomorrow. Most likely they will give you fifteen
minutes of their time. Making an appointment and getting them to
sit down and actually watch the video will eventually find 
you those who are interested. 

Not only that but the entry point is only $1 and will be 
accessible for almost anyone. 

If they join, there is one last feature you should know about. 
This is the "Fast Start Training" they will be offered
once they log in to PLS. If they sign up and take the training, 
then chances are much higher of them upgrading to the highest
level in PLS and you earn $1000 over and over again (each 
time someone joins and goes through the training). Of course,
you have to be upgraded first in order to earn.

But if you truly want to "fire your boss" I can't think 
of any better way than the ability and potential to earn a grand 
each time someone went through the Fast Start doors. 
However, I wouldn't be concerned about "being SOLD" 
or forced into having to upgrade. You or your member
will just be naturally inclined to want to upgrade because
of what they see. Make sense? 

The reason why they will upgrade?
Well, top earners in PLS do these Fast Start Training and 
share their secrets of how they quit their jobs and began to
earn big money from PLS. And one of their secrets is that they
upgraded to the highest levels so they could earn the highest
amounts from the members they brought in under them.
I'm sure you can see the advantages of this for you too!

The thing is that many don't upgrade because they want to 
see if they can earn a single sale first before they go 
"all in". I understand this completely. But you have to 
understand how the rules of marketing work! 

Rule 1: Get them when they're hot. 
If someone doesn't upgrade at the beginning,
there's a huge chance they never will. Why?
Because they lose interest, get busy, face financial problems,
someone discourages them or something comes up that distracts them. 

You must understand that the biggest sales happen
usually at the beginning when someone's interest is 
the highest (not a month from now when they're facing
the realities of life). I'm not saying that getting your 
first sale is a bad idea. I'm just saying that as far 
as earning, you have to work with the rules or 
you you will get "knocked out of the ring". 

Rule 2: "Determination causes income, not
a program."

What does this mean? 
Well, if you think you will lose, you most 
likely will. When Cortez won over the Aztecs,
he burned his ship so that his soldiers were 
FORCED to either win or die. There was 
no middle ground. By the way, in sharing this true story,
I'm not condoning what Cortez did to the Aztecs).

However, Cortez was determined and went "all in". 
Only those who are determined will win. 
Even though the program IS important, as 
far as the earning potential, determination
is the ruling factor behind success. If 
you don't have your eyes on winning, 
then you won't. 

This is what I love about listening to 
Ace's story.
Rich and Ace were determined
to win. You can listen to their story HERE :
You can see the sales page HERE .

(By the way, to get this sales page, go inside
PLS to "Websites" tab, then "manage sub-domains".
Then enter your subdomain and then click "enter".
Then press the first sentence that says: 

Click here to use an existing WebPage from our Library of WebPages. "

Then go down to the section that is called: 
"Bypass Lead Capture Page"

Then click the radio button under "Fire your Boss Funnel"
Go down to the bottom of the page and press "Save My Choice"
You will then be taken to your link and if you click on it, 
it will go to the sales page and go past the opt-in page.

Please ONLY use this sales page when giving this 
link to someone who is ALREADY on your email list! 

ALSO: You don't have to create this sales page. These 
directions are optional only for those who want them. 

Finally, you now have the option of promoting the 
FLS capture page, Lead Lightning, the "Fire Your Boss"
PLS page, or the "Cash Now Funnel" pages. 
Which one to use? Well, as explained in Step 7, 
you are only interested in subscriber FIRST. 

So think about what will help you achieve that 
with whatever audience you're sharing your link
 with and experiment to find out what link works 
best with whom. You'll figure it out if you're persistent! 

These pages that you're promoting, all are complete
funnel pages.
They start with someone entering 
their name and email. It continues to the sales 
page and then to receiving emails from PLS. 

Those who join or upgrade, come to what is 
called the "Lead Magnet" or the actual heart of 
what it was that someone originally added their 
name and email in the box in order to obtain it. 
Of course, there may be a free version and a paid
version of the Lead Magnet. I hope this helps
you understand PLS better! 

Great job with Step 11! 


Let's Sum Everything Up!

I'm not sure if you noticed that Critical Skill #2 
(Effective Capture page making) is actually about
building your OWN ad pages.

Are you curious why we didn't learn how to do that in this Challenge One?

What we did is 
set you up with the "done for you" pages in PLS. We want you
to be able to "walk" first before you begin running" if you catch my drift.

In Challenge Two 
we will start to teach you how to create your own basic ad pages
to have a bigger 
"splash" in your quest to get subscribers and build your list
(and this will set you on  the right track to connecting with your list
and creating sales). So let's go over the skills real quick in a practical
way just to help you solidify them in your mind: 

Critical Skill #1: Effective Advertising.
So you should now have started advertising one or more 
of your links. 

Critical Skill #2: Effective Capture Page Making.
In this Challenge, we have focused on helping you find 
the pages PLS has already pre-made for you and understanding how to
promote them. 

Critical Skill #3: Effective List Building.
By promoting and advertising
the links you have created in PLS, you will start to build your list. 
We encourage you to get 1000 hits to start noticing results. We will talk more 
about this in Challenges 2-4. 


Critical Skill #4: Effective Communication with your List.
We will talk more about this below and also in Challenges 2-4

Critical Skill #5: Effective Funnel Building.
Your funnel starts with advertising your PLS link. When you 
get a subscriber, this is their first step up your
"value ladder" or into your "funnel" so to speak.

If they agree to the $1 CNF or the 7-day free trial and join you 
on the "Welcome page" or "Sales page" after subscribing,
then they have taken the second "step". Make sense?

However, many people wait 
to read your emails before they are ready to join you.

I know, I know! You've been expecting sales right away just from the ad itself 
or the welcome / sales page. Right? Well, this is NOT how most people 
will join you! 

In fact, many will want to email you first and get to know you a little
before they're ready to take the jump to join you (with the 7-day free trial). 

This has all been automated for you as much as is humanly possible 
in PLS.
I just described three different ways to encourage your prospects 
to go up to "step 2" in your value ladder (your funnel):

1) By subscribing (step one) and going to your "Welcome page" and joining you or
2) By then clicking your link in your emails and joining you or
3) By then connecting with you personally
(inspired by your personal or automated
email/s to them) and joining you from there. 

This is the reason why the more effort you put into 
making your emails personal, the better!

(People feel that you care and are personally involved and this 
will give them more of a chance to trust you. 
And sales are COMPLETELY based on TRUST.)

But please realize that there is no way to automate you 
personally emailing your subscribers and trying to create that connection 
with them.
This is Critical Skill #4 (effective communication). 

This CAN be automated in some form in Challenge Two by
having autoresponder messages that encourage them to email you back. And you can
get these messages pre-made for you in PLS using our share codes (which we
will share with you) But even then ONLY you can actually email them back
and try to create that "spark" between you and them.

Have you ever noticed that if you took the spark plug OUT of your car engine (that even 
if you had filled up your gas tank, had the best tires, and the most powerful engine)
that you still will not be able to go ANYWHERE (LOL)!

That's because the spark plug creates the spark that ignites the gasoline (which then 
causes an explosion) and makes the pistons start moving and makes the engine work. 

That's what "effective communication" is all about. That is the "spark".
Do you understand? 

If yes, great! But if not, don't worry.
We'll go over all this again in each Challenge.


WANT HELP? We have a "Done For You" System 
That Will Help You Get On The FAST TRACK to Success!
Click the Blue Button Below for Details:



So now you have set up your domain link and have learned how to track your link
and advertise it. So make sure you actually start advertising your link before you 
continue. In Challenge Two you will learn how to "walk past everyone else"
and begin the process that professionals use to wipe out their competition!

But first...

Email us the answers to these questions to us if 
you want our help and feedback!

By submitting these answers, you also qualify for training AWARDS. Ask us 
for more details. 

1. Did you set up your domain? 

2. Do you understand the difference between FLS, LL, CNF, and the
"Fire Your Boss" pages?
Do you have any questions?

3. Do you know which link to start advertising and why? 

4. Do you understand the different autoresponders out there and 
why PLS is a good one to use? Do you know what single opt-in means 
for you? 

5. Do you understand the basics of tracking your links? Any questions?

6. Did you join and submit your first ad in AEMailer? Did you join any 
other ad sites and send any ads?

 Explain the 5 Critical Skills the best you can.

8. Any other questions or thoughts?

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